100 Doors Solution: Levels 1 – 10

100 Doors is one escape the room puzzle game that has been launched last week on the Android Store and has already proven to be a very successful puzzler. And like any similar game with a small dose of self respect, 100 Doors is also very difficult and the solution to each level is not always obvious. And you can either spend decades, getting frustrated because you can’t see the usually hidden meaning of the level and therefore find the solution or you can check out the guide here on Android Entity and learn how to complete the game.

We’ll start our text walkthrough to 100 Doors with solutions to the first 10 levels, but we’ll slowly add the rest later on today so make sure to check back soon for the updates!

100 Doors: Level 1 solution
Simply click the green arrow to open the door (tap the door to open)

100 Doors: Level 2 solution
Tap the painting to the right to reveal key. Take key and use it to open the door.

100 Doors: Level 3 solution
You must tap the two matching egg shells: from the left, tap the third one from the top to bottom. From the right, tap the top egg shell.

100 Doors: Level 4 solution
Turn your phone upside down and press the red button (wait a little while after turning the phone)

100 Doors: Level 5 solution
First, notice a fish in the upper right corner of the screen – tap to get it. Then, using two fingers, slide sideways the doors (as the arrows indicate). A bear appears – feed the fist to the bear, then tap it to make it go away and leave the room!

100 Doors: Level 6 solution
You must drag the right red thing and have it hit the top green light at the same time with the one to the left. So tap it when the one to the left hits the green light, and they will get there at the same time!

100 Doors: Level 7 solution
Tilt and shake your device to the left until the stone falls. Then, tilt the device to the right to place the rock on the red button

100 Doors: Level 8 solution
Tap and hold both levers to the sides of the door. Wait for a while and the black dots above the door will turn green and open the door.

100 Doors: Level 9 solution
You need to actually spell “door color” using the first letters of the colors. So tap: dark red, orange twice, red, cyan, orange, lime green, orange, and red.

100 Doors: Level 10 solution
Take the rock from the case and use it to break the glass. Take the axe and use it on the wires then use the indications on the screen to tap the buttons in the correct order (left, right, right, left, left, right, left, right)

And there you have it! The 100 Doors solution for the first 10 levels, courtesy of our friends over at Unigamesity. Make sure to check back soon for the rest of the walkthrough!

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