100 Doors Level 68 – Level 73 Walkthrough / Solution

A new update was released recently to the 100 Doors puzzle game for Android and, as always, I am here to share with you a walkthrough, a complete solution to the new levels, from level 68 to level 73 in 100 Doors. Somehow, I didn’t find these puzzles too difficult this time, maybe because I started to get used to them. But they are still sometimes hard to guess, and this is the reason why I have decided to create and share this 100 Doors Level 68 – Level 73 Walkthrough with you.

So check out the guide for each of the new levels below!

100 Doors Walkthrough: Level 68 Solution
This is that puzzle that we all know but we still find it difficult to complete (all the pieces must be moved in the same shape to the right pole and you are not allowed to place a large piece on a smaller one). Here is the correct sequence in which to move the pieces (L is from Left Pole, M is Middle Pole and R is Right Pole):

L -> M; L -> R; M -> R; L -> M; R -> L; R -> M; L -> M; L -> R; M -> L; M -> R; L -> M; R -> L; M -> R; L -> M, L -> R, M -> R

100 Doors Walkthrough: Level 69 Solution
You simply need to spell the names of the animals on the sides of the door and it seems that the order doesn’t even matter. So simply tap the squares with letters and get the following words: BEAR, CRAB, DUCK, FISH, FROG, LION.

100 Doors Walkthrough: Level 70 Solution
Each colored 1 number above the door shows the direction of the triangles (so where the 1 is compared to the 2): Red triangle points upwards, green points to the right, yellow points to the left and blue points downward.

100 Doors Walkthrough: Level 71 Solution
You need to tap the colored circles when they show you the exact number of keys of the same color. So first tap the red circle when it shows 4, yellow is 0, green – 5 and blue – 3.

100 Doors Walkthrough: Level 72 Solution
The code is 395826 (each of the numbers shows you the hour on the clock)

100 Doors Walkthrough: Level 73 Solution
You simply need to find the differences on each of the door, for a total of 5 differences. If you have trouble spotting them, I have highlighted them for you below:

And this is it! This is the 100 Doors walkthrough for levels 68 to 73. We were hoping we’d get a bit more levels, but these ones were cool and fun enough for the weekend. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out the 100 Doors walkthrough for the previous levels here.

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