100 Crypts Level 21 – Level 30 Walkthrough

100 Crypts walkthrough here with the solution to 10 more levels of the game, level 21 to level 30. Things are getting really interesting here with these 10 new levels and I am sure that you will need help more than ever to complete them so let’s make sure that we do it without a problem!

Therefore, let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the 100 Crypts Level 21 to Level 30 walkthrough with detailed explanations on what to do to complete the new challenge!

100 crypts walkthrough

100 Crypts Level 21 walkthrough

In this level it’s pretty obvious: you have to recreate the painting by tapping each square until you have it right. Here is how the final thing will look like (hint: start with the face in the middle)

100 crypts level 21 walkthrough

100 Crypts Level 22 walkthrough

Shake the phone so that the snow globe falls and breaks. Get the key and open the door.

100 Crypts Level 23 walkthrough

Tap the bar holding the door with two fingers (one at the left, one at the right) and hold a little, then release. It should go up. As soon as it does, swipe your finger at the middle of the bar and it will break. You can exit now.

100 Crypts Level 24 walkthrough

Tap the buttons indicated in the image below:

100 crypts level 24 walkthrough

100 Crypts Level 25 walkthrough

Light up the candles as shown in the background image. The ones at the top, like the image to the left and the ones to the bottom, as the image to the right.

100 Crypts Level 26 walkthrough

This is a bit complicated to explain – you have to swipe each sword, from the left one to the right one, from the handle to the tip. Start with the left one, then the bottom left ones (from top to bottom), then the bottom right ones (from bottom to top) and finally the right sword.

100 Crypts Level 27 walkthrough

Tap all the bells very quick, so that they all make sound at the same time.

100 Crypts Level 28 walkthrough

You can tap the light switch to see which start to light up (tap very fast and often to see). So tap all of them, minus the bottom one and the two solitary ones to the left and the solitary one to the right.

100 Crypts Level 29 walkthrough

At the base of the right candle, there is a sword: swipe it to the left and it will release a broom – get it and select it in your inventory, then swipe over the skulls until they disappear and reveal the key. Get it and exit.

100 Crypts Level 30 walkthrough

Get the axe and swipe at the right of the door until you remove all the vines and can tap the lever. After tapping it, get the key to the left of the door and exit.

And this is it! You have completed the 100 Crypts level 21 – level 30 walkthrough and you are ready to continue your trip through the 100 Crypts, and I will be here to help you with that. Until then, make sure to check out the previous walkthrough if you still need help.

UPDATE: The walkthrough for the next 10 levels has been published and you can check it out if you need help.

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