100 Cells Walkthrough: Level 1 – Level 10

I have discovered a new escape the room game available for Android-powered devices, 100 Cells, and I am sure you already love playing the game. A walkthrough for it is probably what you need right now and that’s exactly what you are going to get from Android Entity, your ultimate source of game guides and news.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and let’s check out below the 100 Cells walkthrough for Level 1 to Level 10, and let’s see if we have what it takes to become the prison break experts we want to be!

100 cells walkthrough

100 Cells Walkthrough: Level 1

Tap the hole in the wall and you’re out!

100 Cells Walkthrough: Level 2

Pick up the key near the cell’s door and use it on the lock to exit.

100 Cells Walkthrough: Level 3

Tilt your phone to the right or left to reveal the hole and tap it.

100 Cells Walkthrough: Level 4

Tap the right arrow to move to the other part of the cell and use the hole to exit.

100 Cells Walkthrough: Level 5

Pick up the scissors and use them on the poster on the wall, then exit.

100 Cells Walkthrough: Level 6

Take the scissors near the plant and remove the poster to see more dots. Also tap the Ads button to hide the ads, then count the colored dots for the password, in the order shown above the door. The password is: 52313

100 Cells Walkthrough: Level 7

Get the scissors, then tap and drag all the plants over the red carpet to be able to exit.

100 Cells Walkthrough: Level 8

Count the plants, from the biggest to the smallest, for the password: 12321

100 Cells Walkthrough: Level 9

You need to light up all the lights. Tap the right switch (in your inventory), then the 1st from left to right, the third and the 4th. You can exit!

100 Cells Walkthrough: Level 10

First, follow the pattern to find out the numbers. At the left we have 5 (they increase by 1), next we have 32 (you add the previous number), then 124 (number at 3rd power, minus 1), and the final on is 64. Now do the math for the password: 160188.

And this is it! You have completed the 100 Cells walkthrough for levels 1 to level 10 and you are now ready for the real challenges, as things will only get more and more complicated from now on! But stay with us for the rest of the walkthrough guides for 100 Cells!

UPDATE: The 100 Cells walkthrough for the next 5 levels has been published and you can check it out if you need more help!

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